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Self-love tops traditional romantic gestures on Valentine's Day

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The experts at price comparison service, PriceSpy, are predicting a shift in Valentine’s Day priorities, with self-love and sexual wellbeing taking precedence over traditional romantic gestures. Classic gifts like scented candles (down 62%) are declining in popularity, making way for a rise in self-pleasure-focused items.

Products focused on pleasure and self-care

Demand* for sex toys (up 29%), body oils and sexual lubricants (up 34%) and bath products (up 33%) are rocketing ahead of the big day next week, with sex toys designed for self-pleasure appearing to be the most popular. The top five most popular sex toys on PriceSpy** are:

Whilst people are also splashing out on luxury body oils like Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse dry oil and bath and shower products like Bleu de Chanel shower gel.

Liisa Matinvesi-Bassett, UK country manager at PriceSpy observes: “The cost of loving appears to be immune from the cost of living crisis, with some of the most premium sexual wellbeing products proving to be the most popular around Valentine’s Day this year. But unlike previous years, it may be that people are spending money on themselves rather than romantic partners.”

“Sexual wellbeing and self-pleasure are becoming increasingly accepted as a conversation, with Gen Z arguably driving away the taboo around these topics. This is also the generation where one in four say they prefer self-pleasure to sex with a partner***. It is partly for this reason that we’re seeing more brands coming to the market with new products in this space - with many at the premium end.”

Traditional and quirky Valentine’s gifts still popular

Despite this self-love trend, perfume looks set to be as popular as ever as a Valentine’s Day gift. Searches are up 85%* and the top five most popular perfumes on PriceSpy** are:

Also popular this year - and arguably a gift-to-self as opposed to a significant other - is LEGO - with searches up 87%*. Again, at the more premium end, the top three most popular LEGO sets are:


Notes to editors

*Demand in products between 4/11/23 - 4/2/24 compared to 4/8/23 - 4/11/23

**Correct on 5/2/24


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Liisa Matinvesi-Bassett
Country Manager - PriceSpy
Liisa Matinvesi-Bassett