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New research by PriceSpy reveals the best times to prep for uni

· Back to uni supplies fall in price by 7% compared to last year saving students £98
· Spring is the best time to kit out uni digs with prices up to 20% lower
· Popularity of uni items skyrockets In September, with office furniture rising 2,120% compared to the same last year September 2021 - As record numbers of students head to university, data from price and product comparison service PriceSpy reveals, students are getting themselves out of pocket when prepping to start, following analysis of a uni starters’ basket of goods.

Analysis of eight items, featuring homeware and studying equipment, shows it pays to plan with many items considerably cheaper to buy in spring, compared to after results day and into September.

PriceSpy analysed thousands of prices on a selection of key products essential for university living. Of the products analysed, students could save significantly if they purchased their new laptops, pans, kettles and calculators in the months between March and May, with prices on some items up to 20% lower. This shows students it pays to prepare early for heading to uni as opposed to waiting for the rush to begin post exam results.

Despite the September price surge, the massive numbers starting courses this year and the first ‘normal’ freshers season since 2019, this year's cohort are stealing a march on their 2020 predecessors. PriceSpy's analysis reveals students kitting out their digs for freshers this year are saving £98 compared to 2020 for the same products.

Uni checklist product price increases between 1st September 2020 and 1st September 2021

The popularity of key student items has skyrocketed compared to September last year, but this surge in demand has not led to price hikes. Standout categories are office furniture’s popularity, risen in popularity by 2,120% and laptop bags by 1,092%. Elsewhere, prices of decorative items like LED strip lights have risen by 7% compared to this time last year.

PriceSpy UK country manager, Ossie Bayram, said:

“Our research shows that students need to be going against the grain of general purchasing habits to really save money. What’s interesting is that retailers have responded to the boom in students heading to university and popularity surge on the key items.

"For anyone starting or returning to university, it's vital not to take the first price you see. There are hundreds of online retailers selling the key uni supplies. Spending 10 minutes comparing on a price comparison site could save hundreds of pounds better spent on making the most of university life.”


Notes to editor(s)
PriceSpy’s research examined consumer activity on the platform from 1st September 2021 compared to 1st September 2020

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