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How to save money on your commute

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Conquering the Commute with No Car.

Hi, my name is Emma and I sold my car to save money. Which was a great idea when our front door was 45 seconds from school, but now we’ve moved four miles away to my mums while our house is being renovated, and the morning commute just got a whole lot tricker.

I’ve had to get creative to not spend a fortune on travel and to get the kids, and me, where we need to be every morning. Here’s some of the ways I’ve made the morning hustle and bustle a lot less stressful and a little less expensive.

  1. Scooters

I already have a monthly tram ticket to get to work as it’s the cheapest option so it makes sense to use it for our new school run too. Unfortunately, the tram stop is a bit away from my kid’s school. Enter the scooter. They’ve always had bikes and not bothered with scooters but scooters are more compact so they don’t get in the way on the tram. They now hop off the tram, whizz down the hill and get all the way to school in half the time.

The Toyrific Xootz Stunt has a cool red and blue design that my eldest loves and comes with a footbreak so he can manage his speed.

The Ozbozz Trail Twist Junior is a three wheel scooter that is perfect for my four year old.

If you want them to get there in one piece, it’s obviously important to get a good helmet too.

The Head Joker Jnr is a super safe helmet for young ones while the Kali Chakra Child (Jr) appeals more to bigger kids. 

  1. A Bike

Two days a week, I have the car and my husband takes his bike. His other option is to get two trains into work but this would rack up our commute costs and he’d still be spending money on the gym. Instead, he cycles ten miles to work, gets his exercise in and saves money. 

The Serious Valparola 2020, priced at £627.99 is a great mid-range bike that will get you where you need to go. 

It’s also definitely worth looking into buying a pannier bag like the OverBoard Classic Waterproof Bike Pannier Pair, to carry your work clothes and deodorant. Noone wants to see you do a full day’s work wearing lycra. 

  1. A step counter

This one won’t necessarily help with your commute but since I’ve had to walk a lot more, it’s really satisfying seeing how many steps I’m getting in. There’s some super simple ones like the Fibex Step Counter, which do exactly what they say on the tin, or you could splash out on a Fitbit Sense to get some really detailed stats.

  1. Backpack

Having a good backpack has been a lifesaver. I put my breakfast and lunch in there to save buying on the go and I keep cartons of juice for the kids when they moan that their legs are aching during the journey. I can also easily transport my laptop to and from work now that I do a mix of office based and home working.

This Rains Rolltop backpack fits everything in and looks good with my outfit.

  1. Ear Pods

I definitely underestimated what a lifesaver ear pods would be. When I’m schlepping from the tram to school with bags, coats and snacks, being able to answer the phone without my hands makes things so much easier. Whether you’re taking calls from tradesmen about flooring, or from work or your husband asking what to pick up for dinner, ear pods have become a must. Once the kids are gone and I’m hot footing it to the office I crank up my playlist and arrive in a good mood. Seriously, this one is non-negotiable for me. 

Price spy has a great selection, including the original Apple Ear Pods.

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